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December 17th, 2014

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December 9th, 2014

by Benjamin Korn (Arutz Sheva News)

The battle for Jerusalem is being fought–but it’s not a fair fight. To President Obama, it’s all a great big blur, with no moral distinctions and all sides being equally guilty.

“This is a battle over Jerusalem,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a nationally televised address to the people of Israel this week. He’s right. But because of the Obama Administration’s pressure, Israel is fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

The war began last summer. Mobs of Palestinian Arabs in some of Jerusalem’s eastern neighborhoods started launching almost daily attacks on Israeli passersby–sometimes motorists, sometimes police officers. There was no “provocation.” They were not responding to a particular Israeli policy. They were just trying to kill Jews.

Occasionally the attackers hit their target. On September 1, for example, rocks crashed threw the windows of a Jerusalem bus, injuring a three year-old Israeli girl. On October 2, the day before Yom Kippur eve, an Israeli family returning from the Western Wall accidentally drove into the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of A-Tur. The rock-throwers leaped upon their prey. Two teenage girls in the car were wounded–which is a gentle way of saying that they narrowly missed being stoned to death.

But for Arabs trying to conquer Jerusalem, injuring little Israeli girls once in a while is not enough. From October 17 through October 19, official Palestinian Authority TV repeatedly broadcast a speech by PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas claiming that Jews were secretly plotting to “defile” the Al Aqsa Mosque and urging Arabs to “prevent them in any way.”

The Arabs got the message. On October 22, Abd al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi drove his car into a Jerusalem railway station, murdering two–one was three month-old Chaya Zissel Braun, an American citizen–and injuring eight others. Sultan Abu Al-Einen, a senior adviser to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, publicly praised Al-Shaloudi as a “heroic martyr.” The official Facebook page of Fatah, which Abbas chairs, likewise called the killer “heroic.”

A week later came the attempted murder of an American-Israeli rabbi, Yehuda Glick, in Jerusalem. Abbas said of the assassin: “He rose to Heaven while defending our people’s rights.” Fatah sponsored city-wide celebrations and called on “the fighters and the masses” to stage a “day of rage” on the Temple Mount and throughout Jerusalem. Not surprisingly, the Israeli police prevented Muslims from going to the Mount that day. The police also discovered a stockpile of firebombs inside the Al Aqsa Mosque.

The PA immediately declared that the police who entered the mosque had “desecrated” it and that the closure of the Mount that day “proved” Israel wants to destroy the mosque, which then became the pretext for more Palestinian terrorism, from the next car ramming into a Jerusalem train station on November 5 (two dead, rose to 3 yesterday when an elderly Arab from Anata succumbed to his injuries 13 wounded) to the massacre of five Jews (three of them Americans) in Har Nof on November 18. All the while, Abbas continued stoking the fires with speeches about Jews trying to “contaminate” the mosque.

Any reasonable person can see that the PA’s claims are absurd lies and that its incitement is playing a primary role in the violence. But the Obama Administration has a political agenda which seems to interfere with its willingness to face the facts.

President Obama’s shocking — actually, revolting — response to the Har Nof massacre: “Too many Israelis have died and too many Palestinians have died.”

The Administration wants to create a Palestinian state next door to Israel, with a large part of Jerusalem as its capital. The only way to do that is to try to maintain the fiction that the Palestinian leadership is “moderate”. Admitting that Abbas himself is the one inciting the violence would mean acknowledging that he doesn’t want peace–thereby wrecking the entire premise of the Administration’s Mideast policy.

Thus President Obama’s shocking — actually, revolting — response to the Har Nof massacre: “Too many Israelis have died and too many Palestinians have died.”

The Israelis who have died were innocent victims of Palestinian terrorism. The Palestinians who have died were terrorists who w ere killed by Israelis in self-defense. But for Mr. Obama’s lights, it’s all a great big blur, with no moral distinctions and all sides being equally guilty. That’s the only way for him to keep pushing forward with the fiction of Palestinian moderation, in the cause of Palestinian statehood.

The Obama Administration is wrong. The United States should be on the side of its peace-making ally, Israel, in its fight against the Palestinian terrorist assault on Jerusalem. Whether the victims are three Americans beheaded by ISIS or three Americans butchered in a Jerusalem synagogue, America and Israel are fighting the same enemy.

The battle for Jerusalem is being fought–but it’s not a fair fight. Palestinian terrorists use rocks, firebombs, cars, and axes. Palestinian leaders praise, protect, and finance them. Israel tries desperately to defend itself–but the Obama Administration, with its relentless criticism, pressure, and moral equivalency, is in effect tying one of Israel’s hands behind its back.

This is the moment for American Jewry to step forward. Not with gala dinners and business-as-usual speeches, but with focused, effective political action to send a message to the Administration, and to mobilize Congress and the American public in support of Israel and Jerusalem.

This is the moment for American Jewry to rise to the challenge. Now–before the battle is lost!


December 8th, 2014

By Yoni Kempinski and Tova Dvorin
(Arutz Sheva News)

Iran is “stalling the time until they get the bomb,” Dr. Joseph Frager, Chairman of the World Committee for the Land of Israel, told Arutz Sheva at the Jaffa Institute Gala Dinner honoring Rabbi Yaakov Nasirov last week. “It’s going to happen while under President [Barack] Obama’s watch, and it will make his Presidency one of the all-time worst in American history.”

Frager noted that the Iran problem “could still be solved” and that opposition to military action in Iran could be, perhaps, what led Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to dissolve the coalition last week.

He also stated that the recent US midterm elections, which resulted in a Republican victory, “set the stage” for Israeli elections and that 2016 could see a Republican President entering the White House – while, meanwhile, Israel “does what it has to do.”

Philanthropist Sam Domb added that the Obama Administration’s handling of Iran is rather sloppy.

“They waited until the last second,” Domb said. “Why did they not know until the last day [before the deadline] that Iran didn’t have a deal? Why didn’t they bring this up at the beginning and say, ‘that’s not what they want’?”

“This is a bluff,” he added. “They did it before, they’ll do it again, and I think there still won’t be a deal by the end of Obama’s Presidency.”

Domb disagreed with Frager on the topic of military action, however, noting that “no one will back Israel if they take military action right now.”

Moreover, in his words, “if they have already produced [nuclear weapons], then you can’t take [Iran] out,” he said. “Because if you do, you will have five million dead people, and I don’t think anybody wants to do that.”

Thus, he urged Israel, along with the US and Europe, to take military action now – together.

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ken Chrosniak, a former member of the USA Joint Chiefs of Staff noted that Iran already has nuclear capability – but not on a large scale.

“They already have nuclear capability, but it’s in field artillery, in smaller calibers and so on – they do have that,” the Brig. Gen. stated to Arutz Sheva. “They have had that since the Russians gave it to them many years ago.”

Gen. Chrosniak added that Iranian capability to produce missiles capable of hitting one of the American coastal cities is “not in the so distant future” and that Iran has already perfected mid-level capabilities.

“In the US, we don’t have the capability to defend ourselves against a high-altitude nuclear burst because it could be fired by a rogue nation,” he said. “It’s a bipartisan issue here in the US.”

“In the future, Iran will be complicit with ISIS to establish, or re-establish, the Caliphate,” he added. “That’s their goal: to re-establish the Caliphate and take out all infidels.”

As far as military action against Iran, Gen. Chrosniak called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a “good soldier,” and noted that as a good soldier – “sometimes you just have to go it alone.”


December 1st, 2014

by Ron Brackin
ASSIST News Service (ANS)

DALLAS, TX (ANS) — “You can’t take refuge in temporary solutions,” Mosab Hassan Yousef told reporters. “Hamashas to be tackled at its roots, uprooted once and for all, and now is the perfect moment to deal with Hamas militarily in Gaza. The longer Israel waits, the more dangerous an enemy Hamas will become and the harder the battle. This is the time to initiate a war against Hamas.”

Yousef is the eldest son of Sheik Hassan Yousef, a founder of the terrorist organization. He also served for a decade as a double agent for Israel’s Shin Bet (comparable to America’s FBI).

Yousef insists that he is not warmongering.

Nearly two months of attacks on Gaza, that left more than two thousand dead and much of the territory in ruins, ended in a ceasefire on August 26.

Yousef called the ceasefire “fundamentally flawed,” warning that Hamas will only rebuild, rearm, and resume its Jihad against Israel

As global headlines announced the ceasefire, the terrorists reportedly had already begun to rebuild the tunnels that served as conduits for Iranian missiles.

“As long as Israel waits for the enemy to become more dangerous,” Yousef said, “future wars [with Hamas] grow more and more difficult. Hit them in the winter, when they are unprepared.

“It needs to be a surprise move, targeting their top echelons. And there needs to be cooperation with Egypt to block the smuggling into Gaza, in order to cut off their supplies of weapons and of material for making weapons. Once that cooperation is in place, start a military operation, without announcing it, targeting everything connected to Hamas, without hitting civilian targets.

“You don’t understand how much the people of Gaza dislike Hamas, even hate it,” he added, “and Hamas fears a protracted struggle with Israel because it does not have a real capacity to stand firm.

“Hamas is not an organization with political imperatives, acting out of political interests. It is first and foremost an ideological movement, and there can be no negotiating or compromising with it. It cannot be appeased through diplomatic compromise. Israel’s leaders have found what they wrongly consider to be a magical solution through temporary ceasefires to what is actually a strategic problem-facing a foul and highly dangerous terror organization. The Israeli government needs to acknowledge its mistake and change its strategy.”

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, too, needs to change, Yousef says.

“He’s not ready for negotiations right now. He’s repeating Arafat’s mistakes. He’s manipulating. He knows Israel is not to blame for the situation in Gaza and yet he accuses it of responsibility. But he won’t be able to control the international community forever.”

Yousef criticized the international community’s failure to act against Islamic State (ISIS), which continues to terrorize northern Iraq and threaten Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

“When Islamic State starts to hurt people in Europe, the Europeans won’t have any more patience for the attacks and the duplicity, just as was the case with Arafat after 9/11. The free world will understand that it is in a battle against ideological organizations employing terrorism, and it will change its attitude to the Palestinians and to Abbas.”


November 30th, 2014

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November 30th, 2014

Mahmoud Abbas
“We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel,” Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared on Saturday.

Abbas’s statement came at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers and was quoted by Channel 10 News. At that same meeting, the foreign ministers announced their “categorical rejection of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.”

According to Channel 10, Abbas said in his remarks at the meeting that the security coordination between Israel and the PA would be suspended unless peace negotiations resume.

He further said that he demanded that the United States and its Secretary of State John Kerry work together with him to create an outline to be submitted to the UN Security Council and which would pressure Israel to stop “settlement construction.”

“The situation in [Judea and Samaria] is dangerous and cannot continue. All indications are that the American mediation failed to complete the negotiations,” Abbas was quoted as having said, adding that he plans to sign international conventions and treaties, including the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Abbas is moving forward with plans to turn to the Security Council with a resolution setting a deadline for Israel to “end the occupation”, a unilateral move that is in violation of the Oslo Accords.

The move has been accompanied by threats, with Abbas having recently threatened to cut ties with Israel if his latest unilateral move at the UN fails.

Even though the PA has reaffirmed several times it would be going through with the unilateral move, reports earlier this week said that the PA postponed submitting the resolution, in order to buy time in continuing to lobby for the required nine council members to vote for the move.


November 25th, 2014

(Jerusalem Post Article)

Disagreements between the leaders of Israel, US do not translate into an actual crisis in relations between the two states.

Monday’s alleged US intervention in Israeli domestic affairs over the “Jewish state bill” is a real-time example how the myth of a crisis in US-Israel ties is perpetuated.

And, yes, the “crisis” in US ties is a myth.

Are there problems between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Absolutely. Do they disagree about policy toward Iran and the Palestinians? They most certainly do.

But disagreements between the leaders do not translate into a crisis in relations between the two states.

Obama is no longer going to be President in two years, and Netanyahu won’t be Prime Minister forever.

US-Israeli relations are much wider and broader than just the ties between the two leaders. They encompass Congress, the Pentagon, the business community, public support. And on each of those counts, the relationship is strong, even very strong.

An extremely pro-Israel Congress was just voted out of office, to be replaced by what is expected to be an even more pro-Israel Congress.

Defense and security ties have never been better, both sides admit, and both sides benefit a great deal (even if Israel benefits much more). Economic ties with the US are robust, and public opinion polls over the summer put Americans’ sympathy with Israel over the Palestinians at near record highs.

There are disagreements, but no crisis – despite the now famous “chickenshit” comment about Netanyahu that appeared in The Atlantic monthly.

But then the State Department spokesman answers a leading question/comment by a reporter at a daily press briefing by saying that the US expects Israel to retain its democratic nature, and we’re all off again to the “crisis” races.

Likud Chairman Ze’ev Elkin screams that the US cannot preach to us, the Israeli left screams that Elkin cannot preach to the US, and former Ambassador to the US Danny Ayalon says on Israel Radio that the US criticism of the bill was unprecedented.

Really. Let’s look at that criticism. And it is important to look at the flow of the Q and A with State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke in the transcript to see whether what he said was, in context, that egregious or wildly intervening in Israeli affairs. Was it, in short, another example of “The Crisis?”

“Question: What’s the US reaction to Israel’s nationality law approved by the government?

“Rathke: Well, this is the beginning of a process, and so I don’t want to speculate on the outcome. It would be our general view, though, that we would expect any final legislation to continue Israel’s commitment to democratic principles.”

Not much there, a rather parve response to a question that becomes much more loaded when the reporter then asks, “That means that every person should have a vote, not just Jewish people?”

Say what? Where exactly is that coming from? Does anybody really think the law is meant to deprive non-Jews of the vote. But back to the manuscript.

“Rathke: Well, the United States position, which is unchanged, has been clear for years – and the President and the Secretary have also reiterated it – is that Israel is a Jewish and democratic state in which all citizens should enjoy equal rights …

“Question: — democratic principles. That means you’re worried that it won’t continue democratic principles, and it suggests that you’re worried that Israeli Arabs may be disenfranchised. Is that your concern here?

“Rathke: Well, I would say also that this [bill] is a [legislative] process that is underway. It is not final. And naturally, it has aroused quite a bit of interest, so I think it’s not strange that we would be expected – that we would be asked and that we would offer our view.

“Question: And is it fair, then, to say that your concern is that it will not continue – that it’s possible it won’t continue democratic principles?

“Rathke: Well, I’m not going to speculate about the shape and final outcome of the legislation, but simply to point out that we would expect it to continue Israel’s commitment to democratic principles.”

Of course he would expect the legislation to continue Israel’s commitment to democratic principles, and – despite the reporter’s reading into his answer and fishing for a conflict – the spokesman is not saying the legislation won’t continue Israel’s commitment to democratic principles.

But to infer from there that the US – as another indication of “The Crisis” – is interfering in Israel’s domestic matters like it has never done before, and that all this just shows how bad things have become between countries, is absurd.

It is doubtful that Elkin read the transcript when he issued this sarcastic response: “I want to thank our allies in the US State Department for making time in their busy schedule of preventing an Iranian nuclear bomb and confronting radical Islam to focus their attention on the most pressing issue in the Middle East and the entire world for that matter: teaching the Israeli public a little bit about democracy,” Elkin remarked.

Huh? Can the spokesman’s words really be construed as the US official trying to teach the Israeli public about democracy?

But, wait, then Economy Minister Naftali Bennett chimed in on Army Radio saying, “I say to the Americans: We will handle the affairs of the State of Israel ourselves.”

What comments like those do – comments which seem triggered as much by the State Department’s spokesman’s remarks as they are by the scent of elections in the air – is to perpetuate the perception of a crisis. A perception that – despite leading and dishonest questions in the US, and overheated, campaign-motivated reactions in Israel – does not accurately reflect reality.


November 25th, 2014


Carole and I (David) again want to thank all of you for your love, support, and prayers. Carole’s surgery took place on Friday, November 14, 2014. Today (November 25) was her postoperative examination. We are happy to tell you that nothing more is needed to be done. The hospital staff was most encouraging, and we are praising the Lord for what appears to be a successful surgery on her shoulder. The surgery was done at UCI Irvine Hospital at their Melanoma Cancer Center. Again, thank you for your prayers!


November 25th, 2014

(Jerusalem Post)

A Twitter account Iran experts believe is run by the office of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday “arrogant” powers had tried hard to bring the Islamic Republic to its knees but had failed.

In a comment apparently referring to the failure of Iran and six world powers on Monday to end a 12-year dispute about Iran’s nuclear goals, a message on the English-language account said: “In the nuclear issue, arrogants have made their best to bring Iran to its knees but they were not able and will not be able to do so.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took a more conciliatory tone in relation to the talks, saying Monday that the positions of Tehran and six major powers over its nuclear program had come closer after a week of marathon talks that failed to clinch a final agreement.

“During the talks in Vienna many gaps were narrowed and our positions with the other side got closer,” Rouhani told Iranian state television.

Iran and the six major powers – the United States, France, Britain, China, Russia and Germany – decided on Monday to extend the talks until June 30, 2015, hoping to finally end the 12-year dispute at a time when Middle East turmoil is worsening.

“I am certain that we will reach the final accord, if not today, then tomorrow,” said Rouhani, who won the Iranian election in a landslide last year promising to ease tension with the West and improve Iran’s sanction-hit economy.

“We have had some agreements behind the scenes, but putting those on paper, we are still not there yet.”

The goal is a deal that could defuse wider conflict in the Middle East, open the door to ending economic sanctions on Iran and start bringing a nation of 76 million people in from the cold after decades of antagonism with the West.

While US Secretary of State John Kerry cited substantial progress, he said that talks would not continue forever and that the coming months would be tough despite new ideas being floated. He did not outline what those ideas were.

Publicly all sides say it is still possible to reach a comprehensive agreement that would lift sanctions in return for long-term limits on Iran’s nuclear program to ensure it never makes an atomic weapon.

Kerry said there would be no additional sanctions relief beyond what was already agreed under an interim deal signed exactly one year ago in Geneva.

“We not only keep to the Geneva agreement but use the Geneva agreement for coming to a final accord,” Rouhani said.

While denying it seeks to make nuclear weapons, Iran has refused to halt its enrichment of uranium, prompting crippling US, EU and UN sanctions that have cut deeply into Iranian oil revenues and caused inflation and unemployment to soar.

“I promise the Iranian people that the centrifuges (enrichment machines) will not stop spinning, but … people’s lives must continue to get better day by day,” Rouhani said.


November 24th, 2014


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet on Sunday voted 15 to 7 in favor of new legislation that would make official Israel’s status as the “Jewish state.”

The bill, which will go before the Knesset plenum later this week, seeks to codify the national rights of Israel’s Jews, while also reinforcing the individual rights of all minorities.

In practical terms, that means only Jews can make claims to a national flag, anthem and a right of immigration.

In reality, the law changes nothing. The Israeli flag and anthem are already focused on the Jewish nature of the state, and only Jews are granted a “right of return.”

As such, the move is largely symbolic, but seen as important nonetheless by Netanyahu and many others at a time when the Palestinians and some Israeli Arab elements are trying to undermine the Jewish nature of the state and, in the Prime Minister’s words, “create a state within a state.”

But, as seen in the vote count from this morning, not everyone agreed.

The cabinet only cast its votes following what was reported to be a heated shouting match between Netanyahu and some of his more left-leaning ministers.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni both painted the bill as racist toward the nation’s minorities. However, their outbursts seemingly failed to take into account the changes Netanyahu made to the original draft.

In its original form, the proposed legislation made Israel’s democratic nature subservient to its Jewish nature, and sought to downgrade Arabic as an official language of the state.

Netanyahu was harshly critical of anyone, both in Israel or in the international community, who calls for a two-state solution, but opposes this bill.

“They rush to recognize a state of the Palestinian people, but they strongly oppose a state of the Jewish people,” he said.

Netanyahu has made Palestinian recognition of Israel as the “Jewish state” a cornerstone of his position regarding peace negotiations.

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