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There are many issues that could be addressed in answering the question – “WHAT’S HAPPENING IN ISRAEL?” Having just returned from the Land of Israel, we are aware that there are many divergent opinions among the Israelis is to what is happening in their country. The following things were fairly obvious:

1. The Israeli people are very upset with their government!

The war with Hizb’allah this past summer has left a “sore” upon the people that has not healed. They feel that the government has betrayed them, and was more interested in the opinion of other world leaders than in doing what was right. They frequently pointed out the damage that was done in the way the military (Israeli Defence Forces – IDF) was treated and in the way the war was handled. The current government coalition of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is being expanded so that his government can pass a budget. If it cannot do so, the government will fall and elections will take place once again.

The scandals in the government are concerning many Israelis. From the President of the country on down through cabinet officials – there is widespread corruption.

2. The increase in sinful and ungodly practices in Israel is now a matter of grave concern among many Israelis.

Tel Aviv is one of the most wicked cities in the world (per capita) – abortion, rape, abuse of women, theft, scandals, pornography, homosexuality, etc. Jerusalem is appalled at the government’s decision to allow the “gay parade” to take place soon in this “holy city.” We heard concern over these matters from many Israelis.

3. The increase in sophisticated weapons being smuggled into the country and given to Hamas and Fatah, and other terrorist organizations.

Israel is now very vulnerable and needs to take immediate action to stop the flow of weapons into Gaza and other parts of the West Bank. Egypt has placed some 2000 soldiers on its border with Gaza to (supposedly) help stop the flow of these weapons. But, many of these weapons have come through the help of Egypt – the Israelis are concerned and rightly so!

4. The unemployment in the territories mentioned by the Palestinian Authority is indeed shocking.

Matters are worse today than ever, in spite of all the promises of Hamas when it was elected to the Palestinian Parliament last January. Islam has NOT brought prosperity to the Palestinian people – the leaders of the terrorist organizations are using (and abusing) the young people to foment hatred toward Israel and are planning and plotting for further attacks against the Jewish State.

The situation in Bethlehem is especially heartbreaking. Unemployment figures run as high as 85% and hard-working men in that city find themselves “begging” on the streets because they have lost their jobs.

5. The influence of Iran upon the terrorism that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel is of grave concern to the people of Israel.

This is a matter for serious prayer. Iran is now the major supplier of weapons that are intended to equip the terrorists in their desire to “wipe Israel off the map.” Iran’s nuclear capabilities are being discussed by the common people on the streets even in Jerusalem.

The list of concerns could go on and on – it is obvious that a major change needs to take place in the Land of Israel – this is God’s covenant-land, promised to the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the people of this land are in desperate need of revival (and so is America!). II Chronicles 7:14 is still in the Bible! May God give us all wisdom and a heart for repentance – we need to “watch” and “be ready” – for the Messiah of Israel is coming soon!

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