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Dear Friends,

We are excited to share with you two truly incredible finds that were discovered in the City of David’s Herodian Road Aqueduct Excavation in recent days. The first is rare etching of a menorah on stone, assumed to be the Temple Menorah.

According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, the fact that the stone object was found at the closest proximity to the Temple Mount indicates that likely a passerby who saw the menorah with his own eyes and was amazed by its beauty incised his impressions on a stone and afterwards tossed his scrawling to the side of the road. He could scarcely have imagined that his creation would be found 2,000 years later on a slab of stone.

The second discovery is that of a Roman sword dated to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and found within the tunnel used by the last remaining Jews in Jerusalem to hide from the Roman troops during the destruction of the Second Temple.

This Roman sword very possibly belonged to one of the foot soldiers of the Roman Legion in the last battle between the Romans and Jews over Jerusalem. The sword, considered very rare because of its incredible preservation, was found with its leather sheath partially intact.

On the eve of the 9th of Av, the date that Jews traditionally mourn the destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the Romans and Babylonians, these discoveries offer us a glimpse into Jerusalem in its glory, and at the time of its fall.

We look forward to sharing with you many more incredible discoveries as we uncover pieces of our glorious past in the City of David- Jerusalem.

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