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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8


by David Hocking

Last weekend we enjoyed a special time with Calvary Chapel Windward on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The meetings were well attended and several people made commitments to the Lord. The Senior Pastor is Tim Newman, a wonderful Bible Teacher, and along with his precious wife, Kathy, they make a great team for the Lord. I have been with him in past years and have always enjoyed my time with them and their people. They are a great blessing to my heart!

Today I have arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, and will be participating in their annual Prophecy Conference with several other speakers as well. The meetings are being held in the Victoria Inn (near the airport) which has excellent conference meeting facilities. Things get started tomorrow morning, and I am the first speaker on the subject THE DAY OF THE LORD IS COMING! There will be speakers throughout the day, and concluding around 9:00 PM in the evening. I will also be speaking tomorrow night on the subject BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS!

The topics were chosen by the committee that operates the conference and much of the work (behind the scenes) is done by Abe & Marie Friesen, wonderful friends and great enouragers for the Lord. They have a deep and committed love for the LORD and His prophetic Word. (Also, by way of a special footnote – Marie is a fabulous cook, and makes some of the greatest pies a person could ever taste! Of course, being a diabetic, I have to be careful!)

The situation in the Middle East (and the world for that matter!) is increasingly tense. All sides seem to be talking WAR and Israeli citizens are buying up the gas masks that are distributed throughout the country.

Many of you heard about the drone that Israel shot down this past weekend. As soon as all of the parts are collected and analyzed, Israel will be able to confirm who sent it and why. They already suspect that it was given to Hizbullah by Iran, and appears to be a copy of one of the USA drones. Its directional signal took it over the barren land of the Negev desert and it appeared to be taking pictures – coming very close to the nuclear facilities Israel has at Dimona. Last month our tour group was there.

It appears that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to call for early elections. This should avoid any division and/or collapse of the present coalition government. It is our prayer and desire that the Israeli public will once again realize that these difficult times take serious leadership – we believe that PM Netanyahu is just the man that God can use for His glory. Please pray for him and for the peace of Jerusalem, and the wisdom of God among the governmental leaders concerning the pressures they now face! It is a very serious situation. The LORD GOD of Israel is the only hope, deliverance, and protection of His people.

Well, I had better get some study done for tomorrow, get a bite to eat, and try to get some rest. The conference in Hawaii and now in CANADA is a five hour difference in time schedules, and makes it difficult for travelers such as myself to get proper rest.

One more thing – it is such a blessing to my heart to hear of the prayers of our listeners for both Carole and I. We celebrated 50 years of marriage in August, and are so encouraged by the support of our radio listeners for our health and strength. Thank you, THANK YOU and God bless you! More later!

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