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September 2nd 2013

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask you to join with us in prayer for our dear brother Dr. Paul Wilkinson, who was involved in a serious accident last Thursday evening. He was cycling near his home and was hit by a driver at a busy road junction, striking his front wheel and sending him over the handlebars. Paul lay in agony for half an hour waiting for the ambulance to arrive and was admitted to hospital with a broken hip, damaged femur, and smashed upper forearm and elbow. Although the damage is very serious and potentially debilitating we thank God that Paul was wearing a helmet and that the damage is restricted to the left hand side of his body (Paul is right-handed). We understand the driver, whose fault it was, has been interviewed by the police

On Saturday Paul underwent 6 hours of surgery to pin his hip and insert several plates in his upper forearm. He may have to have an artificial elbow and has been told he faces multiple operations on his forearm and that he may never regain the full use of it. Yesterday (the Lord’s Day) the physiotherapist had Paul standing and he sat in a chair for a while. Although he is still on morphine, he says that the pain lessens each time he moves. He has taken a couple of steps today.

Paul has a very positive attitude and has been witnessing to all the hospital staff from the moment he was admitted. He has shown extraordinary courage and has a complete trust in God. Please pray for a full recovery and that the Lord will use the situation to draw Paul’s parents and other un-saved family members to salvation. Coming the day after the funeral of his grandfather, a wonderful Christian man, Paul’s accident has been a double blow for the family.

We are aware that people may wish to send greetings cards to Paul. If you would like to do so please send them care of my address which is posted above. We are so grateful for the support of our brothers and sisters in the international Christian community and bless you for your loving concern. As Paul told his distraught mother just after the accident “God will bring good out of this situation.” And of that we have no doubt!

The Lord bless you and thank you,

Your brother in Christ,

Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church, 68 London Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK74 7AF. U.K.
Tel: 0161 456 8393. Reg. Charity No. 10151785

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