The Bible Teaching Ministry of David Hocking
“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8

Meditations in the Psalms

July 24th

Psalm 89:30-37

The children of Israel have sinned against the Lord greatly, and have been judged for it on numerous occasions. Many people believe that they have been officially removed by God for their sin and disobedience and that now the church has replaced Israel. Paul tells us clearly in Romans 11:1-2, that such is NOT the case! God has never forsaken His people Israel, and will never do so in the future! In spite of their sin and rebellion, their salvation is based on His covenant, not their performance. Praise the Lord for that truth! It applies to both Jew and Gentile who expect forgiveness and eternal life.

  1. The disobedience of God’s people – verses 30-31
  2. The decision to judge them – verse 32
  3. The duration of God’s covenant – verses 33-34
  4. The denial that God would ever lie – verse 35
  5. The dependability of God’s covenant – verses 36-37

What a wonderful reminder to all of us of the character and promise of God! He will keep His Word! And, Israel will never cease to exist as a nation before Him (Jeremiah 31:35-37).

Verse for Meditation

Verse 33 – “Nevertheless My lovingkindness will I not utterly take from him, nor suffer My faithfulness to fail.”

Meditation Prayer

“May I always remember that You are the faithful God, and You will never forsake me.”

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