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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8

Meditations in the Psalms

July 7th

Psalm 83:9-18

Here is a plea for God to take vengeance and exercise His judgment upon all those who have tried to attack and hurt His people. It reminds us of what happened in the past of Israel’s history, and calls upon God to demonstrate to all the nations Who He really is! Romans 12:17-21 makes it clear that we are not personally to take revenge but to leave matters in the hands of the Lord. We are to overcome “evil” with “good.”

  1. The reminder of what happened in the past – verses 9-12
  2. The request for God to judge them – verses 13-15
  3. The reasons for this plea for God’s judgment – verses 16-18

Verse 16 says “that they may seek Thy Name, O LORD, and verse 18 adds, “that men may know that Thou, Whose Name is YAHVEH, art the Most High over all the earth.” The motive behind their request for God to act was rooted in the exaltation and honor of the Lord Himself. A great lesson for all of us!

Verse for Meditation

Verse 18 – “That men may know that Thou, Whose Name alone is YAHVEH, art the Most High above all the earth.”

Meditation Prayer

“Lord, when I am troubled about what the wicked do and I desire Your judgment, help me to focus on Your honor and Your glory in it all.”

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