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“The Word of our God shall stand forever” Isaiah 40:8

Meditations in the Psalms

October 2nd

Psalm 109:26-31

A remarkable conclusion to David’s desire to have the Lord judge those who have attacked him. He cries out to the Lord for “help” and desires to “praise” Him. He wants his enemies to know that whatever judgment does come, it will come from the “hand” of the Lord. Leaving matters to the Lord means just that – don’t seek revenge yourself. When you pray, leave it in the hands of the Lord. That is essential to having peace. No matter how hurtful the attacks or painful the experience, God is a sovereign God Who knows exactly what happened and has the answer to it all – trust Him!

  1. The request for God’s help – verse 26
  2. The reason he has – verse 27
  3. The rejoicing which he desires to have – verse 28
  4. The result he desires for his adversaries – verse 29
  5. The response of praise – verse 30
  6. The reassurance of God’s salvation – verse 31

God does “stand at the right hand of the poor.” His justice sees all that has been done, and He will vindicate the righteous and judge the wicked in His way and in His time.

Verse for Meditation

Verse 27 – “That they may know that this is Thy hand; that Thou, LORD, hast done it.”

Meditation Prayer

“Thank You, Lord, that all things are in Your hands, and that I can rest in the knowledge that You will make everything right in Your time.”

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