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The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen!

The whole scene in Heaven is spectacular, an announcement is given: everything we see in terms of the kingdoms of this world they are going to become the Kingdom of our God.

The glorious event, the return of Jesus Christ to Earth, him who says: “Behold! I come quickly!”

We are invited to see The Heavenly City, the ingredients that make this city so wonderful, and to understand what we will be doing there.

There is nothing more joyous for us Christians to talk about than Heaven.

The Great White Throne judgment, a message about hell.

God dramatically displays His power and reminds all of us again that He’s been in charge all along. The devil is cast in the lake of fire and brimstone.

The Messiah’s Robe will be stained with blood, and He will march up to the Mountain of Olives and say “We won!”.

Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, is coming back a second time to rule in power and great glory!

The praise of God is proclaimed in the Heavens, the preparation of the Bride, and our purpose as believers to exalt Jesus is what is happening at the Marriage of the Lamb.

In chapter 18, God is speaking about the destruction of Babylon the Great.

The Mistery of the Woman is revealed, it represents all of organized false religion that has been killing the true saints of God all throughout history.

We start to look at The Great Harlot, Babylon, and what happens to her at the End of Days.

In this weeks’ message we’re looking at the sixth plague, the Armaggedon.

A description of five of the final plagues.

The sixth vision gives us a picture of the Heavenly Temple and the seven last plagues.

The fifth vision talks about how the Son of Man, Jesus, sends out for the final harvest upon the World.

A set of three angelic messages, proclaiming the Gospel, the prediction of fallen Babylon and the punishment of those who worship the Beast, and the patience of the Saints.

The third vision reveals the focus of God’s attention – the 144 000 Jews on Mount Zion.

A second beast will appear, will perform counterfit miracles and signs and will bring control through this Mark of the Beast

Satan stands behind and commands the Beast with Seven Heads

All the political and military schemes in our world have Satan, the Devil himself, behind them - it is Satan's War

There are two incredible signs in heaven - the sign of the Woman and the sign of the Dragon.

God is going to take over and the kingdoms of this world will become The Kingdom of Our Lord

Repentance must proceed our ability to worship and give glory the God of Heaven.

The message of these Two Witnesses is the message of repentance.

John talks about a smaller scroll which tells us mostly about the last 3 and half years of the tribulation period; all this in the little Book

We come to the sixth trumpet judgement, the second woe, the Army from the East which will wipe out a good portion of the population of the world.

Though some Bible teachers have taken this text as an allegory or metaphor, it looks like a terrible plague of demons from hell will be unleashed on this earth - resembling a plague of locusts from hell

The seventh seal has been broken and we have reached the moment of the Trumpet Judgements

We believe that during the Tribulation period there will be more people saved than in any other period in history!

We are entering the Tribulation period, and we are going to talk about the Day of God's Wrath

Today's message from the Book of Revelation is going to deal with the Four Horsemen

In chapter 5 the focus is on The One who has been seated at the right hand of The Throne of God, God the Son, our risen and ascended Savior. The Lamb that is Worthy.

In chapter 5 the focus is on The One who has been seated at the right hand of The Throne of God, God the Son, our risen and ascended Savior. The Lamb that is Worthy.

We are going to take a trip right up to Heaven and take a look at The Throne of God.

The issue of material prosperity dominating and controlling God's Church and taking their hearts far away from Him.

We have come to the message to the church of Philadelphia. The subject of today's message is that of open doors. God opens doors and God shuts doors.

If you've been a Christian for a while, have you ever had that feeling that nothing works, that you don't have the joy or peace you once had, that the Love of God doesn't change our relationships with the ones around us? A lot of us know the feeling of spiritual apathy

This message's subject, one very serious for this generation, is immoral practices.

We continue our study of the letter to the Church in Pergamus. The situation of a dangerous environment for Christians and their tendency to compromise their values to save their lives is this message's theme.

Today we are taking a look at the message given to the church in Pergamus, a message about religious compromise.

The second message of the Book of Revelation to the churches goes out to the one in Smyrna and deals with a very important subject, that of satanic opposition.

We oftentimes use busyness and efforts we claim are effective for the Lord to substitute what is more important, which is loving the Lord!

In the first message, we have looked at six of twelve characteristics of Jesus Christ, and we pick-up this week with the majesty of Christ and study on to find out all twelve.

We tend to think of Jesus the way he was while he walked to hills of Judea, but this passage tells of the glorious and majestic image of the resurrected Jesus, the Son of God, the Coming King.

The main purpose of the message given to the Churches is twofold; one, to proclaim the second coming of Jesus Christ, and two, to proclaim the glorious character of the coming King!

The message of the Book of Revelation is meant for all churches, of all times. The number of churches, 7, is intentional, meaning the completion of God's plan, the wholeness of it. This is the first part of the study of the Message to given to us, the Church, from the book of Revelation.

As the first verse of the Book of Revelation states, it is not the Revelation of St. John, but the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Join David in this opening video message on his favorite book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, and join us as we study through this book with new messages added every week.

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