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A senior Iranian nuclear official in Tehran: Iran is ready to enter into “serious negotiations” on a “new formula” submitted Tuesday

August 22, 2006, 5:46 PM (GMT+02:00)

The contents have not been released of the formula just submitted in response to the six-power incentives package offered in exchange for Iran halting enrichment.

The contents of the Iranian response have not been released. US Ambassador John Bolton told reporters: “We will study the Iranian response and if it is not satisfactory are prepared to move on elements of a UN resolution very quickly.”

Twenty-four hours earlier, Iran announced its Arak heavy water plant would soon be operational. The announcement came from Dep Dir of Iran’s nuclear program Mohammad Saidi hours before Tehran’s response was handed in. Iran’s supreme ruler Ali Khamenei said nothing will turn his country from its course. According to an unnamed source in Vienna talking to AKI, new centrifuges have been installed at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility over the past week.

The Arak plant could produce plutonium for nuclear bombs by an alternative method to the uranium enrichment process.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The United Nations is now facing a serious confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program and its intentions toward Israel. Remember that Iran (ancient Persia) is mentioned first in the confederacy of nations who attack Israel (Ezekiel 38-39). Bible scholars and teachers disagree over when this attack (which has NOT ever happened in history!) will occur. Some say BEFORE the Day of the Lord or the Tribulation begins. Others says DURING the Tribulation, and others say that this battle is the same as The Battle of Armageddon and CONCLUDES the Tribulation. God knows – we do not! As our Lord Yeshua taught us – keep your eyes on the return of our blessed Messiah – He is our HOPE but now and forever!

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