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Meditations in the Psalms

September 17th

Psalm 106:34-39

To read of Israel’s idolatry is indeed troubling; but, to argue that we would not do that today is foolish and immature. We see idolatry everywhere. Paul wrote in Colossians 3:5 that “covetousness” is idolatry. We want that which we ought not to have. Our lusts and desires are often consumed with that which destroys, not that which blesses. One of the most important insights in this portion of the psalm is the effect of compromise upon us – they “learned their works (v. 35),” and the results were tragic. May God help us not to compromise with the world around us. We follow a different message – the Word of the living God!

  1. The destruction of the nations did not happen – verse 34
  2. Their disobedience led to compromise – verse 35
  3. Their decision to serve idols cost them greatly – verse 36
  4. The devils to whom they sacrifice – verse 37
  5. Their deeds led to the slaughter of their children – verse 38
  6. The defilement was caused by their own works – verse 39

What a tragic situation! How could the people of God lower themselves to do such terrible things? It all starts with unbelief and rebellion to God and His Word.

Verse for Meditation

Verse 35 – “But were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works.”

Meditation Prayer

“Lord, I recommit my life to You, and ask for Your help and strength as I seek to stand against all forms of idolatry and compromise with this world.”

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