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Meditations in the Psalms

January 25th

Psalm 16:1-6

Trusting the Lord is crucial to the way the Lord deals with us. His protection, goodness, blessings, etc., are given to those “saints” who walk in faith and obedience to the Lord. The Lord delights in His servants, and seeks their good and blessing.

  1. The preservation for which he prays – verse 1
  2. The provision of the Lord’s goodness – verses 2-3
  3. The perils we face for idolatry – verse 4
  4. The place which the Lord has in his heart – verse 5
  5. The pleasure which the Lord gives – verse 6

David said, “The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance.” A beautiful way to express the centrality and priority of the Lord in one’s life. Is that how you feel?

Verse for Meditation

Verse 1 – “Preserve me O God: for in Thee do I put my trust.”

Meditation Prayer

“You are my life, O Lord, and You are all I need and desire, for I trust You in everything that happens and will happen in the future.”

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