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2018 Prophecy Conference, Tustin

At Calvary Chapel of Tustin

August 3-4, 2018



David Hocking DAVID HOCKING has been a pastor in Ohio and Southern California, a Bible teacher on the radio since 1970, author of over 50 books, and current speaker on Hope for Today Radio Broadcast. He has been teaching the Bible for over 50 years. www.davidhocking.org
David Reagan DAVID REAGAN serves as the Senior Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries. Dave is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher. He has written eight books — Trusting God, The Christ in Prophecy Study Guide, The Master Plan, Living for Christ in the End Times, Jesus is Coming Soon! (a book for children), Wrath & Glory: The Meaning of Revelation, America the Beautiful?, and God's Plan for the Ages. www.lamblion.com
Olivier Melnick OLIVIER MELNICK - Jewish believer in Yeshua. He is the NW Regional Director for Chosen People Ministries. He has published hundreds of articles on Antisemitism and authored They Have Conspired Against You: How to Respond to the New Antisemitism and End-Times Antisemitism: A New Chapter in the Longest Hatred. www.newantisemitism.com
Andy Woods ANDY WOODS Senior Pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church, TX, Andy is a full professor at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston and eaches bible and theology. In addition, Andy has contributed to many theological journals and Christian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences www.slbc.org
Barry Stagner BARRY STAGNER Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel in Tustin, CA - Radio Bible Teacher on the program “The Truth About God” and commentator on "hischannel.com" Internet Television - the program each week called "World News Briefing."
Ed Hindson ED HINDSON - Bible Teacher on the national TV broadcast “The King is Coming” – Professor of Old Testament Studies and Eschatology at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia; Ph.D. from University of South Africa; Th.D. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Th. M. from Grace Theological Seminary; D. Min. from Westminster Theological Seminary; Author of over 20 books dealing with Bible Prophecy. www.thekingiscoming.com
ELIJAH ABRAHAM a former Muslim, converted to faith in Yeshua - seeking to reach the Muslim world with the true gospel.


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